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Our affordability filter will let you know if you qualify for a property, or if a property is priced right for you.

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Section 8 can be confusing. Let us help you.

  • Find Section 8 housing fast: Search the largest inventory of affordable rental properties on the web, and filter by owners with section 8 experience.
  • Find housing you qualify for: Just enter your income and voucher size, and we'll show you listings color-coded by eligibility. We'll even tell you what your share of the rent is and the housing agency’s payment.
  • Easy waiting list applications: Get notified when a section 8 waiting list opens and apply with one click with RevoList™.
  • Get help: Chat with one of our friendly housing specialists via online chat or over the phone.
  • Housing agency search: Find housing agencies near you with our Housing Agency Finder.

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